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World Cup Name Game: How Will You Fare?

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Taking inspiration from the plethora of TV quiz shows with ‘pictures game’ rounds, here is a football based version we’re sure you’ll enjoy. All you have to do is guess the footballer’s names from the pictures provided but, be warned, they’re not all as easy as the one in the preview, which we’re sure you must have worked out already.

One point to note is that each footballer in the quiz has ‘van’ somewhere in their name, testament to the apps creators, The Van Discount Company who usually specialise in new vans for sale. You’ll have to give the game a go to find out if they included ex Spurs-Dutch master, Rafael van der Vaart and, what picture they could have possibly used for the last part of his name…

Also, once completed, you automatically give yourself a chance of winning an international football shirt of your choice so, don’t delay. Check it out here: https://vantasyfootball.van-discount.co.uk/.

Share your score with your mates and get them to have a go, pitting yourselves against each other. 

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