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Down, But Not Out – Why Tottenham Can Still Win The Premier League

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Spurs must be very downhearted after their draw against Arsenal in their previous match played and not managing to pick up a win which was well deserved and very much required at this point of the competition. There is definitely a reason to be discouraged and morale is most definitely lower than it should be but giving up now would be a huge mistake on the part of Tottenham. It is no time to call it quits at this crucial stage of the season, but they should go out and give it all they’ve got.

All the top four teams have a tough couple of games left, which include games against top four aspirants as well as teams looking to get out of the relegation which will make things difficult. Agreed that Spurs have the most difficult set of fixtures to be played amongst the top four but they definitely have the skill to pull off best results against them.

They play Newcastle and Aston Villa who are trying to stay away from relegation and on the other hand, Liverpool and Manchester United who are looking to finish in the top 4. Spurs are also burdened with minimum two Europa League matches against Borrusia Dortmund. The other three teams in the top four also have some difficult fixtures lined up in the coming month. Leicester sitting at the top of the table have games against Manchester United and West Ham United who are looking for a top 4 finish and Newcastle United and Sunderland, teams looking to avoid relegation. They also face Chelsea who have a fairly strong team and haven’t performed to its maximum potential this season but will be looking to finish the season strong.

Arsenal and Manchester are the other two teams in the top four. Arsenal play West Ham United who are looking to enter the top four and Norwich and Aston Villa who are in the relegation zone. City play Norwich, who are in the relegation zone, Chelsea and most importantly Manchester United in the Manchester Derby which is one of their most important matches. To make matters worse Arsenal and City play each other as well as have to play Champions League matches against Barcelona and Dynamo kiev that cause a burden.

This has led no room for any mistakes and none of these teams can afford any slip ups. If Tottenham allow any unforced errors to take place they may lose their chance at the title thus everyone on their team have to be on their toes and cautious. Spurs must therefore capitalize on this situation and look for better results in all games left. It is still anyone’s game considering all potential title winners have tough months coming. Tottenham will therefore be looking to beat all odds and fight till the end. Hopefully Tottenham will be triumphant and win the title but it is only solely dependant on whether Leicester can handle the pressure of being potential winners of their first ever premier league title and on Tottenham’s performance in their last few games.

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