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Would This Belgian Be A Gamble Well Taken If Tottenham Buy Him?

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Tottenham might close in on the Premier League race but they could blow their chance of winning the title if they lose a few more players out to injuries.

Eric Dier and Dembele might be a great partnership but Spurs do need some help in that position of the team. The team from London have been astute in their dealings in the transfer window by even letting go a lot of players such as Etienne Capoue, who could have come to use this season but they can avoid this mistake next season onwards.

Spurs might be willing to spend the money if they get the right player and of course, with Champions League football they could attract a lot of quality to their team. We look at the possibility of Axel Witsel joining the side, if Spurs are willing to spend the money that is.

Witsel isn’t the youngest player in the world but at 27, he is at the peak of his career and would be a great addition to any side in the world but would he fit Tottenham’s playing style? We look at that using stats from whoscored.com.

Another Belgian at the Lane?

With Jan Vertonghen and Moussa Dembele already in the squad, Witsel could be a great addition to the team as he can play in a range of positions but playing in the heart of midfield is where you get the best out of the 27-year-old, in a defensive role.

Compared to Dembele, Witsel though has not been the greatest, Dembele has averaged 3.9 tackles in the Premier League and the best that Witsel has managed is 2.9 in the Champions League, which comes down to just 1.9 in the Russian League, even Eric Dier averages 2.0 tackles per game in the Premier League, so that isn’t a stat which the other Belgian can be proud off.

Even in terms of interceptions, he scores lower than Dembele and Dier. The duo from Tottenham manage 2 and 2.3 while Witsel only gets in 1.6 in the league. The funny thing is that Dembele hasn’t registered one key pass in the league this season but Dier and Witsel do have one assist each.

Tottenham’s playing style is based on possession football and that is where Witsel is strong. The 27-year-old certainly can keep the ball well and gets it back from the opposition as well. Having Witsel in the team would be great and he does seem to be a great fit for the style of play that Tottenham employ.

Plus, the understanding between Dembele and Witsel would work out extremely well as they are international teammates, it all comes down to Pochettino and his willingness to spend on buying big player rather than wanting to give chances to the young guns at Tottenham.

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