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Top 5 Tottenham Fan Chants

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Tottenham have been one of the surprise packages of the Premier League season this time around. Lying second in the league table, they could end up winning the Premier League crown if they play their cards correctly.

Spurs are one of the oldest clubs in England and are backed vociferously by a lot of passionate supporters. They might have a couple of big rivalries with Arsenal and Chelsea but the side have had their share of great runs in the league and cup competitions earlier.

We look back at the good times and list out some of the best Tottenham chants with a bit of a story behind every infamous chant.

When the Spurs go marching in

This might be one of the most commonly heard songs from all across the English game. Tottenham fans have also taken up the song for the team and just replaced ‘Saints’ with ‘Spurs’. No real points for originality here but hearing thousands of fans belting this out at White Hart Lane certainly can excite a team up.

Oh when the Spurs,
Go marching in,
Oh when the Spurs go marching in,
I wanna be in that number,
When the Spurs go marching in…

Super Tottenham

This was a hit in the 70s for Tottenham and was based on the tune of Rod Stewart’s classic song, “Sailing”. The song is still sung to this day, even though Millwall took to the song first, Tottenham have made it more popular than ever before.

We are Tottenham,
We are Tottenham,
Super Tottenham,
From the Lane,

We love you Tottenham

Supporting the team does not come easy, especially with Spurs not really having the best of season’s in recent times but this chant is another example of how much the Spurs faithful love the side. Tottenham certainly are riding high this season thanks to their league form and if they do win the Premier League at the end of this season, you can be sure this will be sung out loud the most.


We love you Tottenham, we do
We love you Tottenham, we do
We love you Tottenham, we do
Oh Tottenham we love you…

Ossie’s dream

One of the greatest songs ever simply because of the role played by Ossie Ardiles. The Argentine played in the FA Cup final win over Manchester City in 1981 but he will forever be known for his line in the song which he could not sing straight.

No matter, this is still one of the better songs on football clubs and well, it does remind the Spurs fans of the good old times.

Oooohh Spurs are on the way to Wembley,
Tottenham’s gonna do it again,
You can’t stop them,
The boys from Tottenham,
The boys from White Hart Lane.

Come on you Spurs!

A rally cry to get Tottenham back into a game or just to get them energized. This is one of the most effective chants we have come across in recent years and it realty gets the team going. Simple and effective, one of the best chants ever.

Come on you Spurs!

Come on you Spurs!

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  1. You neglected to list `Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur´. Our very own song and not bleeding Manures.

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