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Forget The Title Race – Tottenham Should Try And Sign Any 2 Out Of These 3 Players

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Having a small and compact squad does have its perks. The manager knows his player extremely well, the spirit in the team and chemistry is incredible and even the players know what is expected from them and who plays when and how well.

There are a lot of downs to having a small team as well and Tottenham are now dealing with the perils of a small squad now. The injuries to Jan Vertonghen and earlier to Moussa Dembele seem to have hit the team hard and with barely any world-class backup, the side are losing steam in the Premier League.

Though Tottenham could still pull off the dream of winning the Premier League, but having a few top players could well have seen them stay clear of Leicester at the top of the league. With a new transfer window coming up soon and Tottenham surely playing in the Champions League, here are three players they should sign next season.

Victor Wanyama

The Kenyan was just one of the players who was linked with a move away from Southampton fairly recently, though Ronald Koeman has been able to keep the defensive midfielder from leaving the side, it seems only a matter of time before he does leave the South coast.

Tottenham might have Dembele and Dier to cover the spot for the midfield but apart from Dier, there really isn’t anyone else who can play this defensive role. Wanyama knows the Premier League and has shown that he can star in it and Tottenham should sign him.

Kevin Gameiro

The Sevilla striker might be a bit of a risk to sign but he is 28-years-old and certainly has done well in La Liga. The Brazilian hasn’t set the league on fire and maybe moving to England could certainly get him going again.

Gameiro has always had the talent but has not been able to fulfil his promise and well Mauricio Pochettino could be that person who unlocks the ability that has been within Kevin. It still is a pretty risky deal but Gameiro and Kane as partnership certainly could and would work.

Saido Berahino

The deal that almost took place, didn’t take place and then almost took place again but didn’t. The love story that is Berahino and Tottenham should be concluded at the start of next season and with two English youngsters leading the lineup for Spurs, it could lead to a lot of goals.

Berahino would not be cheap but certainly he would want to move and Tottenham are the perfect place for him, should Pochettino be willing to bring in someone who has a bit of an attitude problem.

1 thought on “Forget The Title Race – Tottenham Should Try And Sign Any 2 Out Of These 3 Players”

  1. So a couple of things, first off wanyama would be a good signing, but I doubt he would want a squad player role and unless Dembele or Dierwolf gets injured he will start on the bench. He would be better than mason or Carroll to come on late in a game to secure a lead. Second, Gameiro doesn’t fit the new purchase criteria as he is too old and wouldn’t add anything to the team other than another warm bench seat. Third, Berahino would be a good signing if he can keep his attitude in check or he will end up starring for the U-21s until January (refer to townsend) and he wouldn’t be as expensive as he would have been last year or earlier this year as he is entering the last year of his contract. As he has made it clear he doesn’t want to be at west Brom any longer that means that this next transfer window will be the last time the baggies can get any money for him. Expect a £15 million bid being accepted for him whether it’s from Spurs or another team. Other than that all I can say is cheerio.

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