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Should Tottenham Sign This Midfield Beast From Premier League Rivals?

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Tottenham have been linked with the services of Victor Wanyama for quite a while now. The Southampton midfielder has shown time and again that he is one of the best at what he does and provides the team with a great engine in the middle of the park, something that every club would love to have.

Spurs though have had two incredible midfielders this season in Eric Dier and Mousa Dembele. They have been outstanding with their passing and breaking up of place, while Mousa Dembele’s energy has set him apart from many other talented midfielders in the Premier League.

Wanyama would cost Tottenham a bundle next season but the question to ask is, is he worth all the trouble? We take a look with the help of Squawka.com to come to a conclusion if Spurs do need Wanyama.

The Kenyan at Tottenham?

Comparing the per 90 minute stats for the trio of Dembele, Dier and Wanyama, we may be able to come to a conclusion. Passing has to be one criteria we need to check on and the trio are more or less on the same number.

Wanyama and Dier come in with an 82% success rate while Dembele comes in with a 90% success rate. The most important stat for a defensive midfielder would be the number of tackles won per 90 minutes and here Mousa shows his class.

The Belgian comes in with 3.6 successful tackles per 90 while Wanyama is second in the list with 2.4 tackles per 90 and Dier comes in last with 1.6. Dier coming in third would be a surprise but he isn’t that great when taking on other players as well as he has the worst take on percentage amongst the three players.

Here too it is Dembele who comes in with a great number by winning 92% of his take ons while Wanyama comes in with a 65% success rate. Dier comes in last with just a 50% success rate. When it comes to intercepting the ball it is again Dembele who comes out on top with 2.43 interceptions, he just shades ahead of the Saints star who comes in with 2.39 and Dier comes in with 2.35.

Dier however does win one battle and that is with regards to his blocks. He comes in with 0.6 blocks per 90 while Wanyama comes in with 0.26 and Dembele comes in with 0.23.

The stats are clear, Wanyama does not really come out on top of Mousa but he is a better player on these stats compared to Dier. Having him in the team won’t be the worst choices in the world but only if Spurs get the right deal.

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