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Tottenham Boss Mauricio Pochettino Admits That The Club Is At A Disadvantage Compared To Rivals

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Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino

Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino has claimed that Spurs are at a monetary disadvantage compared with our rivals but raved that we have been pound-to-pound better than our rivals this season. Tottenham’s net spend is really less when compared to that of Arsenal or Manchester City but have still managed to finish so high in the table. As a matter of fact, the title challenge was on until we lost to West Ham last weekend.

Though Chelsea have now claimed the title, Tottenham can be proud of the performance this season. Pochettino says that the campaign is a successful one, despite it being trophyless. The Argentinian was quoted by Sky Sports:

“Sure the season so far was good and it’s true when you don’t win you feel disappointed because that is our ambition. But when we start the season, to be honest we don’t analyse the budget and the investment of the other clubs but when you finish the season you must put it all in the same place to analyse and to say if it was good or if you feel disappointed for the season.”

Tottenham’s spending power regarding the buying of new players will be restricted by the club’s new £800m stadium project.

And Pochettino admits that while he needs to strengthen his squad, and will purchase players during close-season, even though Spurs will not be able to match their rivals in the transfer market. He added:

“It’s true maybe that we need some help to try to add always, to improve the squad, and help in that way. Of course, that is difficult because we are in a completely different project to our opponents, the clubs that play for the same things as us. Maybe we are a little bit at a disadvantage. But the good thing is that we are very focused in trying to develop different things, to try to be in the same level as them without investing the same money as them.”

Tottenham take on Manchester United in what would be the final game at White Hart Lane. We have every chance of holding on to the 2nd place and Sunday could probably confirm that.

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