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Ben Gibson

We are all used to seeing our club get linked with various players and some of the links do catch us by surprise. While some are positively surprising, others do quite shake us a little bit. The latest claim from Daily Mail seems to have done the latter, as our fans are not actually excited by the piece of news.

Ben Gibson has been linked with Tottenham and a couple of other League rivals, as a report on Daily Mail claims that three clubs have registered their interest in the player.

Gibson played for a Middlesbrough defence that conceded 53 goals and eventually got relegated to the Championship. However, it would not be fair to rate him based on Middlesbrough’s performance alone as he did play considerably well for such a weak team.

But the link does not seem to have pleased our fans, who took Twitter to express themselves regarding the same. We came across a few tweets and put them together to make a reading. Scroll on!