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‘I just can’t work our club out’ – Tottenham Fans Frustrated As London Rivals Complete £16m Deal

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West Ham United completed the signing of former Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez for a fee of just £16million, which is a bit of a steal. The 29-year-old moved from Bayer Leverkusen to London and his goals to games ratio is certainly right up there.

The Mexican scored 39 goals in 76 games for the Bundesliga side and seems to be in the prime of his life, despite being sold by Manchester United a couple of years ago.

West Ham certainly have snapped one of the bargains of the season and if not anything, Hernandez will provide a decent return up front.

Hernandez might not be the first-team striker at big clubs anymore but he could have provided great cover to any top side in the Premier League and certainly would have done a decent job for us.

Vincent Janssen struggled to score goals last season and we need cover for Harry Kane. We were lucky to escape this, given the quality of Harry. However, Pochettino seems ready to give another chance for Janssen and stick with him rather than sell him.

Some Tottenham fans weren’t exactly pleased that we couldn’t seal the deal for the 29-year-old Hernandez while others were happy we missed out on the striker.

Here is a selection of the best reactions on Twitter. Read on!

3 thoughts on “‘I just can’t work our club out’ – Tottenham Fans Frustrated As London Rivals Complete £16m Deal”

  1. I came across this article via News Now – so dont worry, I wont be cramping your style any further 🙂

    I just wanted to give an opinion on Hernandez fom a United fans perspective, because it looks like some of you Spurs fellas are pretty peeved you werent in for him, but I can understand why you’s maybe werent though.

    Chicharito was a fantastic goal poacher in his 1st season at United & decent to good in his 2nd season (2nd season syndrome etc.). In his 3rd season his form dipped even further & his 4th season he was terribly off form – atrocious even. Then bizarrely, he then got loaned out to Real in his 5th season.

    Truth be told, he’s barely a decent all-round footballer & his only weapon is poaching goals – some of which were amazingly unorthodox. But when the goals dry – he offers absolutely nothing to the team though (hinders the team infact) & that’s what the Hammers are gonna find out very soon.

    If his reported £140k p/wk wages are true – that’s absolutely crazy money. Morata’s probably on that, but he’s a top-class well-rounded baller & is much more than a goal-scorer too – same as Kane, who’s on half of that wage. He doesnt contribute like those 2 do.

    Hernandez at a top team – is a desperation sub at best; because he completely disjoints your playing style. Your flow becomes all desperate & padantic – you basically cant involve him in the build-up play because he doesnt have the necessary skillset. You have to put goals on a plate for him & that causes all sorts of problems for a team & their flow.

    Mourinho was singing his praises at the end of last season & said United could have done with him, as his goals would have guaranteed we finished further up the table (yet he wouldnt sign him when he had the chance this window – even though we really need a back-up Striker – he doesnt rate him at all imo). Whether that’s true or not, i dont know – but i’m not convinced he would have made that much of an impact – goin by his last season form & his regression in the previous 2 seasons before that.

    As for the form he showed in the Bundesliga, to earn him such a big wage at the Hammers – the Bundesliga is not a huge barometer of how top-class a player is. It’s normally a 2 horse race there & It’s nowhere near the standards that are set in the Prem. So to me, scoring 28 goals in 52 games over 2 seasons there – doesnt equate to gettin anywhere near a tally like that here. It’s not on-par with the Prem.

    Look at Mkhitaryan – he was absolutely superb in his final season at Dortmund – scoring 20-odd goals (revelation he was) – yet he struggled big time for any sort of form in the Prem last season – he was even dropped for nearly 3 months due to poor form. It was only his Europa League form against weaker teams (which was patchy) / goals, that somewhat saved his season from being a total flop.

    I wouldnt panic about the back-up Striker needs, the window doesnt close for another 5 wks or more & Spurs can do alot better than Hernandez & especially at £140 p/wk!

    Best of luck for the season – shame you couldnt have pipped the Renties to the title. All United fans were cheering you’s on – we’ve a soft spot for Spurs (traditionally, a lovely footballing team) & would want you’s to win the league over the rest of the usual suspects!

  2. Deleted my post on Chicharito I see?!

    Censoring opinion from other fans – who come with total respect, doesnt say much for this site. It looks like you could do with any sort of input from fans of all clubs, judging by the lack of comments you get from your own fellow Spurs fans..

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