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Former Crystal Palace Chairman Claims Tottenham Superstar Might Find It Hard To Resist Old Trafford Move

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Harry Kane

It looks like Harry Kane’s blistering scoring form has caught everyone’s attention. Even Crystal Palace’s former chairman Simon Jordan has thrown his hat by claiming that the England international striker would find it hard to resist a move to Manchester United next season. (talkSPORT)

Kane had a sensational September, blasting 13 goals for Tottenham. After his usual lull in August, it was a unbelievable performance in September and that drew accolades from all quarters for the forward.

He will lead the line for England against Slovenia at the Wembley on Thursday as the 24-year-old looks set to continue his goal rush in October.

The impressive form of Kane has made Jordan come out and claim that the striker is primed for a big money move next summer.

Jordan told talkSPORT,

“I’m not trying to be disrespectful to Tottenham. But if Manchester United come calling for Harry Kane, or Real Madrid – with an ageing forward line – come calling [it will be hard to resist].

“I think in a year’s time it will be very difficult for Harry Kane, at his peak, with Tottenham potentially not winning the Premier League and maybe struggling to even get into the Champions League, to resist the opportunity to move along.”

Jordan is surely living in the past because he is yet to come out of the transfer of Dimitar Berbatov and Michael Carrick – both to United. In the recent past, Spurs have been forced to sell Luka Modric and Gareth Bale to Real Madrid but Jordan has conveniently forgotten the fact that those were on Tottenham’s terms – big-money moves funding the club’s transfers.

This is surely an outlandish suggestion because Jordan must be still living in the old era where Tottenham were prone to selling its stars, notably to United. Kane has been linked with a move to United on several occasions in the past but the England international has always maintained that he is happy to stay at Spurs and lead the charge for titles.

Another factor that Jordan has conveniently decided to miss is the presence of Mauricio Pochettino. The Argentine manager has transformed the club and it is no exaggeration to say that Spurs have been the best side in England for the last couple of seasons.

Agreed that we were not able to take the final step and win a title in the last two seasons but there is no doubt that Spurs are playing the most attractive brand of football – not just in England but also in Europe.

Pochettino is on the verge of building a great team at the White Hart Lane and Kane, together with Dele Alli, is the cornerstone of that. I’m sure that Kane will stay at the club and prove Jordan wrong by leading the charge for trophies.

2 thoughts on “Former Crystal Palace Chairman Claims Tottenham Superstar Might Find It Hard To Resist Old Trafford Move”

  1. Mr. Jordan, you are being disrespectful to Spurs with your comments. Mind your own business. Harry Kane is the type of player that can take Spurs to the next level, and compete for honours. Why on earth would they sell him, so why do people keep going out of the woodwork to make comments about him leaving to achieve greatness? He’s been doing that for 3+ seasons now.

    They have a brilliant manager, the right players, a stellar academy, world-class training facilities, and are building a state of the art world class stadium. They are moving in the right direction.

  2. This is just a continuation of the narrative being peddled by pundits and the media to keep the status quo. This means Spurs, in their eyes are not a top 4 club, or potential winners of the Premier league, are not a big club blah blah blah. The narrative is trying to force the players to think they’re wasting their time at Spurs, that they will ruin their careers and win nothing and that they should all jump ship and join Manu. They forget that Manu are living on past glories, they haven’t been the same team for 5 seasons now. They only made the CL by winning the Europa league, they have turned into a club trying to buy success like Chelsea, Man City. They used to do it like Spurs are now, bringing in youth and home grown talent augmented with buying in what they were short of.

    Jordan is just another in the long line of people trying to dismantle Spurs, Jordan is obviously ignorant of the fact that Kane said he would never join Manu, or any other club in the Premier league. He has stated so many times now, that he is here to stay, to win trophies with Spurs. This pathetic opinion that Spurs aren’t going to win anything is nothing more than scaremongering by people who are scared by the rise of Spurs. Even ex Spurs players are claiming that the best players at Spurs will only grow by leaving the club, (points at J Redknapp). As was stated in the above article, Spurs are not a selling club, they have been forced to sell by the players themselves, Bale, Modric, Berbatov, Carrick, all wanted to leave and forced the issue when perceived bigger clubs came in for them.

    Spurs are going nowhere, we’re building the only stadium of it’s kind in the world, bringing in more revenue, there is a tie in with the NFL, which will boost the coffers further. This is what is frightening the mainstream, this change to the status quo, the upset to the top 4 and they don’t like it. It forces them to rethink their writing rather than cut and paste, they were quite happy to leave United as the best team in Britain. The fact that this could possibly change over the next decade is something they don’t want to contemplate. Well get used to it, Spurs are not going to just disappear, we’re here to stay and we are most definitely going to upset the apple cart!!

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