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“Looks massive from the street level,” Tottenham fans react to the club’s latest video of £850m stadium

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Tottenham’s social media team are doing one hell of a job, to say the least. With a big project, as big as building a new stadium, in progress, the Tottenham hierarchy is well aware of the fact that their fans would need regular updates, as almost everyone is eagerly waiting for the grand venue to reach its conclusion.

So as per Football.London, more than 1,600 people are working on the project in shifts and every day is bringing some major changes in the site. Although some part of the construction is off the schedule, everything is going as per the blueprint and the venue will be ready to get going by the start of the 2018/19 Premier League season.

So up next is the installation of the roof; something that requires favourable weather conditions and a keen eye for minor details. Hence, it now remains to be seen how much time it takes for all these installations and whether everything will be done on schedule or not. So as things stand, the club uploaded another video which showcased the west stand entrance and an entire look of the project as a whole.

As seen in the video, it seems that the outer ring of the structure is all but done and it is certainly a massive step given that the roof is all set to be installed in the coming weeks. As quoted by the aforementioned source, the roof will weigh 600 tonnes when completed and once it is done, as many as 324 LED sports lights will be positioned, with six attached to each column.

As a part of a ten-year agreement, the £850m stadium will be hosting the NFL games as well and the venue needs to be up before October 14 as Seattle Seahawks play the Oakland Raiders.

Take a look at the video that Tottenham posted:

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