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“It’s incredible, it’s a world-class stadium” NBA legend’s open talk about Tottenham

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NBA legend and die-hard Tottenham Hotspur fan Steve Nash has told Spurs’ official website about the club making giant strides on and off the field when he checked in at Hotspur Way last week.

Nash is a renowned figure in the world of basketball, considered one of the sports’ greatest. He was twice named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player (‘MVP’ in 2005 and 2006 with Phoenix Suns).

The NBA legend did catch up with Mauricio Pochettino and co. in 2014 in Toronto and again in October 2016, at Hotspur Way, as reported by the club’s official website, Nash took part in some ball work and this time around, Nash visited the Hotspur Way for a sponsor’s promotion and left no stone unturned in praising the team’s performances this season at Wembley. He also expressed his excitement at the club’s move into the new colossal stadium from the next season.

“The players and coaching staff have been phenomenal,” Nash told tottenhamhotspur.com.

“Obviously we had a big heartbreak against Juventus but largely we were the better side, so there’s lots to go on but that’s football, that’s life. You’ve got to rebound and you can’t listen to some of the easy punditry. We know this project is moving in an incredible direction and at an incredible rate with largely a very young squad. The players just keep getting better and better and the results prove it.”

Nash, who is a co-owner of the Vancouver Whitecaps as well as Spanish second-division side RCD Mallorca, added:

“It’s hard not to love Harry Kane.”

“I’ll argue with anyone that he’s a top five or six player in the world because he just does so many things for his team beyond scoring all those goals in the last calendar year. He’s phenomenal, but if you look around the team there’s heroes everywhere – Vertonghen, Hugo, Dele, who is quietly coming on and setting up tons of goals, Sonny has been unbelievable, obviously Mousa Dembele has been incredible in the middle of the park, Ben Davies has been outstanding so there are so many players doing a good job. The manager has got them all peaking and playing well and growing into themselves, so it’s a pleasure to watch.

“I’m really proud to be a Spurs supporter and really proud of the staff, the players and everyone here that tries to give the Club the best opportunity to succeed because we’re seeing the growth and it’s fantastic.”

While walking towards our state-of-the-art Training Centre, Nash came across the mammoth 62,000-seater new stadium under construction and was captivated by what he saw.

“It’s imposing, it’s incredible!” he grinned. “It’s a world-class stadium and it is no small occurrence happens to be on the old White Hart Lane grounds, so that’s incredible.

“To have a massive project that’s world-class and be able to keep it where it was in our familiar neighbourhood and territory, that’s not something that’s easy to do in this day and age with the world changing so quickly and London growing so fast, so it’s a real bonus for all of us and for the Club and I really appreciate the Chairman doing all he can to see this vision through.

“One of the great things as a fan is to see that there are some details that have gone into the stadium to really keep the atmosphere. It’s so important because so many stadiums come to look like just another stadium, no matter how amazing they are, whereas this one has got some character and details and it’s going to keep its intimacy with the angles of the fans and the stands.

“It’s going to keep the noise in, make it really tight and give it that Premier League atmosphere so it’s going to be a real joy to watch our team play on that incredible pitch and as a fan I can’t wait to get over there when it’s all said and done.”

It turned out to be a joyous occasion when Steve Nash dropped at the Hotspur Way to meet the Spurs stars last week. The NBA legend also gave a summary of how the new stadium is taking shape and expressed his excitement to be present to watch the players when the construction of the stadium gets complete. Check out the video here.

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