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Tottenham have already paid Mace £100m for construction of the new stadium

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Tottenham new stadium
The new Tottenham stadium

A Tottenham source has claimed that Mace have been paid £100m by the club for their role in the construction of the new stadium (h/t Construction News).

The stadium has faced several delays with the original date of September 2018 long gone, and there is no confirmation when Tottenham would play their games at the new home.

The report claims that the source spoke on the condition of anonymity to Construction News, and the source claims that Mace aren’t to be blamed completely for the delay in the opening of the ground.

“Tottenham had everyone there that Mace had, all the big roles had their own counterparts. They knew everything.

“In fact, if it wasn’t for Mace, the job would actually be a hell of a lot worse off. But that’s not the way it was sold.”

The source added that Spurs had an in-house project management team that was working with Mace, and the construction firm has been paid a lot for their role so far.

“Mace is the club’s appointed construction manager and has been paid nearly £100m for this role so far.”

Spurs have held one minor event with 6,000 fans visiting a section of the stadium, however, we need to hold a larger sized event before we can think about opening the ground.

Tottenham will remain at Wembley till March, at least, but it doesn’t seem to be creating many problems for us as the results keep on coming.

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The side sits third in the Premier League and has a chance of picking up silverware too. This is a remarkable position for the team to be in considering we did not sign any fresh faces in the summer.

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