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£100,000-a-week Tottenham star’s agent makes controversial statement amidst calls for pay cut

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Toby Alderweireld’s agent Stijn Francis urges players not to take pay cuts

The football world has not been immune to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. With operations coming to a standstill, there has been calls for players to take pay cuts until the issue blows over.

The suggestion has been a constant source of debate in recent weeks, especially after Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s statements on the topic. (h/t The Guardian)

One person who is against it is the agent of Spurs star Toby Alderweireld, Stijn Francis. A former player himself, he has voiced his disapproval of the idea.

Stijn Francis believes players should be allwoed to leave on a free if pay cuts are enforced
Stijn Francis believes players should be allowed to leave on a free if pay cuts are enforced

Writing in his column on The Guardian, Francis went on to add the problematic aftermath of taking such a decision. He claimed that unlike other jobs, contracts hold much more water in football.

When a player signs one with the club, it is binding until his time at the club comes to an end. Neither can he leave the club as he pleases, but is also assured his agreed-upon his salary until his contract expires (h/t The Guardian).

“Clubs reducing their players’ wages should accept that the players can terminate their employment for free and these clubs should no longer be able to ask a transfer fee if the player would like to leave.”

A binding convent!

According to Francis, forgoing on the agreed-upon terms affects the stability of signed agreements. This can also lead to the player leaving on a free, with the club unable to demand a transfer fee (h/t The Guardian).

He has, however, accepted that clubs could choose to do so if the very existence of the organization is under threat. However, such a decision must be carefully thought out with players being given the option to break their employment for limited compensation (h/t The Guardian).

Daniel Levy
Daniel Levy has come under fire for his recent decision to furlough non-paying staff

Francis has also gone on to argue that it would be more beneficial for the players to donate part of their wages to healthcare institutions instead (h/t The Guardian).

Alderweireld, who had been in the last year of his contract, only recently signed an extension. His new terms with the club will run until 2023, with a reported wage of £100,000 per week. (h/t Sky Sports)

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The proposal to slash player salaries by 30 percent has found no backing from the PFA. A number of Premier League stars have instead joined forces to create an initiative called PlayersTogether which aims to raise funds for NHS charities. The initiative has already raised £4 million with more to come. (h/t Mirror)

Spurs have taken up the government’s furlough scheme to pay the salaries of the non-playing staff. It remains to be seen if we will reverse our decision to do so as Liverpool have.

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