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A half-time tantrum by Jose? – A new experience may await Tottenham fans if broadcasters have their way

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Tottenham Hotspur in discussions to reduce the rebate to be paid to broadcasters

Premier League clubs including Tottenham Hotspur are set to discuss innovative ideas for the league’s return on June 17. A move that could see TV cameras being allowed into the dressing room. This is according to a report by the Daily Mail.

It has become important for the clubs to appease broadcasters in order to reduce the rebate they have to pay. An amount that could be as low as £170million.

Cameras in the dressing room are something broadcasters have longed for. Given how the viewers’ experience in the USA has been enriched by such antics, it could soon become a part of the Premier League experience.

Tottenham Hotspur among Premier League clubs keen on discussions with broadcasters
Tottenham Hotspur fans could be in for a new match-day experience (Image Credits: Getty Images)

According to the report, Sky Sports are likely to ask for greater insight into Liverpool’s title celebrations and the post-match dressing scenes when clubs avoid relegation or qualify for Europe.

It is understandable considering the impact of such moments. An inside view of Liverpool’s title celebrations could be much in demand, with fans unlikely to experience a parade until the pandemic blows over.

Discussions are yet to take place on the proposed ideas as social distancing will need to remain in place. There will be a backlash if anyone is found ignoring the guidelines.

Liverpool reversed their decision to furlough their staff
Liverpool’s title celebrations are in demand

A Premier League meeting is set for next Thursday where a host of broadcaster requests will be discussed. It could also bring about a number of other changes such as half time interviews and access to managers a day before the game.

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If the season was cancelled, the Premier League clubs would have owed broadcasters a massive £700million. Instead, a deal in principle was agreed for a rebate of £330million as a result of the change in the product that the broadcasters are receiving. (h/t Football.london)

Clubs were hopeful of lowering that to almost £170million but they were unsuccessful.

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