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Tottenham reveal this week’s Hotspur Hero – A fan whose Spurs roots go back to 1909

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Tottenham Hotspur announce Rob Moses as second #HotspurHero

It has been a week since Tottenham Hotspur launched the Hotspur Heroes campaign. The purpose of this initiative is to highlight the work of Spurs fans at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.

The club has given the fans an opportunity to nominate those deserving of recognition. They will then be celebrated for their contributions.

Last week we took a look at Danielle Morrish, an NHS receptionist from London. As announced by the club’s official site, the second nomination goes to Rob Moses. He is a teacher at Hazelwood School, Surrey, and a lifelong Spurs fan.

Described as a wonderfully supportive and compassionate teacher with a genuine passion for teaching, Rob’s lessons over Zoom proved invaluable for his students in these tough times.

A truly humble person, Rob feels his contribution is nothing compared to those on the frontline. He may not feel he has done much, but we can all contribute in this war. Rob has certainly done his part.

“I don’t feel too ‘heroic’ compared to all the people on the front line, but it’s really nice to be nominated.”

His lessons do not just focus on the academic aspect but also helps kids in keeping their motivation levels up. He is keen not to have kids sit in front of a computer all day and has also prescribed activities involving movement.

Tottenham Hotspur runs in Rob Moses' blood
Rob Moses  and his family have supported Tottenham Hotspur for generations

Rob has now been teaching for seven years. He is glad to have taken the move and is happy to see his kids grow in confidence, independence, and make progress. A teacher to look up to indeed.

A lifelong Spurs fan, the support for the club runs in his blood. Rob can trace a family tree of fans all the way back to 1909 and his great-grandfather, Frederick. It was his father, John who introduced him to the Spurs way of life in the early 1980s.

It is fair to say he has passed those lessons on. Rob’s three children, Polly, Freddie, and Jessica, are all ardent supporters of the Lilywhites, thus ensuring the family tradition lives on.

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Rob has been through highs and lows as a Spurs fan. In a time of great adversity, he has stepped up and done his part. Not all heroes wear capes. Some teach.

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