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Can Tottenham Hotspur Win the Premier League This Season?

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The Premier League is, by far, the most renowned football competition in the UK, and arguably the best league in Europe. Every year, twenty teams go head-to-head until one of them becomes the champion. It is often hard to guess who will be the winner almost until the end of the season.

Nevertheless, the guessing game about the potential champion starts as soon as the previous season ends. Naturally, everyone is free to take their pick, but there’s always one team that rates better than the others. This year, the word on the street is that the winning team might be Tottenham Hotspur, so we decided to check how accurate this prediction could turn out to be.

Why Is Tottenham a Good Candidate?

The Premier League is a competition in which you can see all the top-rated teams in England. Just being a part of this top league is considered a privilege, let alone winning the trophy. Therefore, for a team to be better than the rest, they have to display strength, wisdom, and professionalism from match one until the final whistle in the last game of the season.

Considering what’s necessary to win the league, Tottenham Hotspur seems like a decent contender. They’ve had a great start this season and looking back; we can say they have what it takes to maintain their good run of form.

Based on their recent history, the Spurs give their best at all times but also know the right time to play it cool. For example, they recently played a friendly match against Watford F.C. and lost, even though everyone knew Tottenham was the favourite — even the partnership of couldn’t make the platform state the opposite.

Kane Believes in Tottenham

Martin Keown has backed Tottenham Hotspur ace, Harry Kane, to break the record for most Premier League assists in a season
Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min have been prolific for Tottenham Hotspur

According to Harry Kane, this is a year when Tottenham Hotspur could go all the way and lift the Premier League trophy.

Kane is optimistic that the Spurs are in great shape and can take advantage of this season to win the title they’ve been after for years. So far, his predictions are not that far from the truth as Tottenham is currently occupying the second place on the table. What is more, the Lilywhites are currently better than last season’s champions Liverpool.

Additionally, the return of Gareth Bale is seen as a good omen by many. After slaying at Real Madrid for nine years, the Welshman returned to England causing all eyes to be on Tottenham and their journey through the Premier League.

Mourinho Might Be the Key Component

Generally speaking, Kane is right to believe that Tottenham Hotspur has a good chance of winning the Premier League this year. However, several other teams are equally good contenders. Yet, Spurs have something other squads don’t, and that is Jose Mourinho.

The Portuguese took over the managing position at Tottenham last year from Mauricio Pochettino and led the team to a sixth-place finish. This year, the expectations are higher, and both players and pundits believe that Mourinho is the right man to help Tottenham reach the top.

While it is true that Jose Mourinho’s working style and methods take time, this year that may not be the case. He started the season right, and so far, his plan seems to be working.

Tottenham fans think Mourinho was the missing piece needed to help the Spurs shine in the Premier League. However, to see whether they’re right, you’ll have to stay tuned until next summer.

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