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Dean Jones discourages Tottenham from signing Bristol City star

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Alex Scott of Bristol City celebrates after scoring.

Dean Jones discourages Tottenham from signing Alex Scott

Tottenham Hotspur has been buzzing with transfer speculations in recent weeks, and one name that keeps cropping up is Bristol City’s rising midfield star, Alex Scott.

Valued at a reported £25 million, the talented player has caught the attention of several Premier League clubs, including Spurs. However, esteemed football journalist Dean Jones has raised concerns over Tottenham’s pursuit of the young midfielder.

Last season, Alex Scott undoubtedly showcased his brilliance on the Championship stage while donning Bristol City’s colours. The midfielder’s performances were nothing short of outstanding, leaving no doubt about his immense potential.

For Tottenham, acquiring such a promising talent could be seen as a long-term investment, one that could bear fruit in the years to come. However, the fee that he commands seems to be a tad bit too much.

Yet, Dean Jones reminds us that football is a fast-paced sport, and clubs must strike a balance between immediate success and long-term planning. He suggests that Tottenham might not have the luxury of investing £25 million in a player who might not be an immediate starter for the squad.

Speaking about the situation surrounding Scott, here is what the reputed journalist had to say

 “Anyone I speak to about Alex Scott says that as good as he is, as good as he can become, he wouldn’t get in the Tottenham team at the moment. So, for £25m at the moment, should Tottenham really be going for signing a player that’s going to be on the bench, certainly for the early stages of the season and possibly for the whole season? Probably not”

Dean Jones warns Tottenham Hotspur of their interest in Alex Scott.
Dean Jones warns Tottenham Hotspur of their interest in Alex Scott.

Considering the current strength of Tottenham’s starting lineup, it’s no secret that the competition for a spot in the midfield is fierce. Jones opines that Alex Scott’s journey at Spurs could begin on the bench, at least initially.

Moreover, with Tottenham’s recent acquisition of James Maddison, who brings creativity and goal-scoring prowess to the team, the need for another attacking midfield addition comes into question.

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While Alex Scott’s talent and potential are undeniable, the timing and practicality of his acquisition by Tottenham Hotspur seem questionable. They don’t seem like they’ll be signing the player this summer.

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