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“Changed the vibe”- Tottenham superstar pays homage to ‘positive’ dressing room spirit

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Son Heung-min reveals positive vibes in the Tottenham dressing room this season

In the heart of North London, a transformation has been taking place that has not only rekindled the spirit of Tottenham Hotspur but has also left a lasting impression on the Premier League landscape.

The winds of change, brought forth by the arrival of manager Ange Postecoglou, have swept through the N17, breathing new life into a club that was in need of rejuvenation. Last week, The Athletic unveiled the intricate tapestry of change that has been woven into the fabric of Tottenham’s training sessions and overall ethos under Postecoglou’s leadership.

The shift has been palpable, and one man who is at the forefront of this transformation is the ever-smiling South Korean, Captain Son Heung-min. Son, a talismanic figure for Spurs and a fan favourite, recently took the time to connect with the faithful during a fan forum at the hallowed Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

With an infectious positivity, he shared insights into the seismic shift in atmosphere and energy at the club this season.

“The changing room, the club, the stadium, the vibes are really, really positive. For example, today I had a doping [test] after training and even the guys came in and said ‘Wow, they’ve changed the vibe’”

One of the most notable changes highlighted by Son echoes the sentiments in The Athletic’s exposé – shorter, more intense training sessions. Under Postecoglou’s guidance, the players have embraced a philosophy that values quality over quantity.

But it’s not just on the training ground where the winds of change have swept through. Team meetings, which were once marathon affairs, now wrap up in a succinct 15 to 20 minutes. Gone are the hour-long deliberations of seasons past.

Son Heung-min reveals positive vibes in the Tottenham dressing room this season. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)
Son Heung-min has spoken about positive vibes at Tottenham this season (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

Instead, Postecoglou has instilled a sense of urgency and clarity in his communication, ensuring that every player knows their role and responsibilities. No more last-minute changes that left the squad bewildered and disoriented.

The transformation doesn’t stop at tactical adjustments and efficient meetings; it extends to the relationships within the club. Postecoglou, in stark contrast to his predecessor, Antonio Conte, has made it a point to connect with everyone at Tottenham.

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Postecoglou has been a breath of fresh air at Tottenham until now. Success though is measured by results and not positive vibes. It is important that the club see success under the Australian going forward.

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