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Shaka Hislop comments on Chelsea not signing James Maddison before Tottenham transfer due to age policy

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Shaka Hislop on James Maddison move to Tottenham and Chelsea’s age policy

As bizarre as some transfer policies come by, this one by Todd Boehly’s Chelsea surely takes the crown. Believe it or not, the only reason Chelsea did not sign Tottenham star James Maddison is the fact that the player is over 25 years old.

We can only thank our rivals. Their approach meant that Tottenham saw a clear path to securing Madders’ signature. The former Norwich man has transformed the Lilywhites midfield.

Ange Postecoglou has shaped the team in a way that Madders can explore his creative best for the betterment of the team. His partnerships with the frontline are a treat to watch for us Spurs fans.

It is so crazy to think that Tottenham could have had it all fall apart had Chelsea made a minor tweak to their transfer policy that held them back from signing players aged over 25. We have no complaints though. Here is what former West Ham man Shaka Hislop had to say about the same on ESPN FC via YouTube:

“Well, if that’s their policy that’s their policy. I don’t think that given where Chelsea were and a genuine feeling about James Maddison he probably wouldn’t fit the bill but no all of a sudden and again I think a lot of people kind of share that opinion of of James Maddison but he has been out he’s changed opinions.”

Shaka Hislop on James Maddison’s Move to Tottenham and Chelsea’s Age Policy – espn fc youtube

Thankfully, for Spurs fans, Chelsea’s unique policy inadvertently played in their favour, providing them with the opportunity to acquire a player of Maddison’s calibre without any age-related constraints. This, in turn, has given Tottenham an edge and added a new dimension to their midfield and attack.

10 appearances for Tottenham so far with three goals and five assists in the early part of the campaign. Surely not bad, eh? Come to think of it, Chelsea could have used these numbers greatly at this point in time.

The fact that the 26-year-old was available for Tottenham, despite Chelsea’s interest, reflects not only the player’s skill and potential but also the exceptional circumstances that led to this transfer.

Shaka Hislop on James Maddison move to Tottenham and Chelsea's age policy.
James Maddison in action against Chelsea during his time at Leicester City.

Tottenham now enjoys the benefits of Chelsea’s distinctive transfer policy, as they witness James Maddison making a significant impact on the team. Maddison’s contributions are evident in his creative playmaking, goal-scoring ability, and overall influence on the pitch.

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Spurs fans can now reflect on this unique turn of events with a sense of gratitude, knowing that they have Chelsea’s approach to thank for their midfield maestro.

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