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Journo says Tottenham January signing still has ‘lot to prove’ after ‘quiet’ start

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Paul Brown says Timo Werner still has a lot to prove at Tottenham

Timo Werner and his arrival at Tottenham Hotspur brought with it a wave of anticipation, as fans hoped the German striker would reignite his career after a challenging spell at Chelsea followed by a return to RB Leipzig from where he joined Spurs on loan. However, journalist Paul Brown’s assessment suggests that Werner is yet to fully demonstrate his potential in a Tottenham shirt, raising questions about his place in the starting lineup.

Brown’s remarks underscore the pressure on Werner to prove himself in the Premier League, especially following his struggles at Chelsea. The striker faced criticism for his performances and missed opportunities during his time at Stamford Bridge, leading to doubts about his ability to succeed in English football. With Tottenham, Werner has the opportunity to redeem himself and showcase his talents on a new stage. Here is what Brown had to say via GiveMeSport:

“Werner has been a little bit quiet, for me, so far. He has got a lot to prove, coming back to the Premier League, after getting ridiculed quite badly at Chelsea for his time there and some of the misses when he was playing up front. I think he has got a lot to prove and needs to start showing it.”

Werner’s impact has been decent thus far. With two assists in four appearances across all competitions, he has yet to establish himself as a consistent goal-scoring threat for Spurs. This lack of prolificacy has raised concerns among pundits, who expected more from the German international. Fans, on the other hand, are in no rush for immediate goals from the player.

Timo Werner struggled in Blue.
Timo Werner struggled in Blue.

Werner for the Lilywhites

It’s essential to exercise patience and give Werner time to adapt and find his rhythm in a new environment. Adjusting to a different club, playing style, and teammates can take time, and Werner may need a period of transition before reaching peak form. Additionally, the pressure of living up to the trust and the “trauma” of his past performances adds another layer of challenge for the striker to navigate.

While Brown’s assessment may seem critical, it reflects the expectations placed on Werner and the urgency for him to deliver results. Tottenham’s aspirations for Champions League qualification demand contributions from all players, especially those brought in to bolster the squad during the transfer window.

Werner’s success at Tottenham will depend on his ability to overcome adversity, rediscover his confidence, and make a significant impact on the pitch. For all of that, we need to show a sense of patience and give him time to come into his own and make a difference amid loads of competition for a place in the XI.

Timo Werner has the opportunity to thrive in the Lilywhite of Tottenham.
Timo Werner has the opportunity to thrive in the Lilywhite of Tottenham.

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Werner’s journey at Tottenham is still in its early stages, and judgments should be reserved until he has had ample opportunity to prove himself. While the pressure to perform is undoubtedly present, patience and support from fans and the coaching staff will be crucial in helping Werner fulfil his potential and contribute to Tottenham’s success.

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