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Antonio Conte says he has no regrets over Tottenham rant right before sack

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Former Tottenham boss Antonio Conte has ‘no regrets’ on his rant before sack

When Tottenham made the decision to part ways with Antonio Conte last season in March, it did not come across as entirely unexpected, especially after a disheartening collapse against Southampton. Conte’s post-match comments only added fuel to the fire, as he openly criticized the club’s lack of success over the years, pointing fingers at the ownership and managerial turnover.

In his post-game press conference, Conte bluntly highlighted Tottenham’s longstanding struggles in winning major trophies despite consistent managerial changes. He emphasised the need for a fundamental shift in the club’s approach if they were to break this cycle of disappointment. These remarks, although candid, were seen as a direct challenge to the club’s hierarchy and its ambitions.

“Tottenham’s story is this. Twenty years there is the owner and they never won something. Why? The fault is only for the club, or for every manager that stay here. I have seen the managers that Tottenham had on the bench.”

“It is time to change this situation if Tottenham want to change. If they want to continue in this way, they can change the manager, a lot of managers, but the situation cannot change. Believe me.”

The club’s decision to part ways with Conte following these comments reflected a desire to assert control and maintain stability within the organization. While Conte’s tenure showed promise at times, his outspoken nature and confrontational style may have clashed with the club’s vision for its future.

Antonio Conte did not mince his words in his final press conference as Tottenham boss. Image: Sky Sports.
Antonio Conte did not mince his words in his final press conference as Tottenham boss. Image: Sky Sports.

Conte have Conte at the club”, said Levy!

Despite the contentious end to his time at Tottenham, Conte remains resolute in his stance. He stands by his words, asserting that his comments were a genuine reflection of his feelings at the time. He expresses no regrets for speaking out and believes in the truth behind his statements.

Conte’s tenure at Tottenham, though relatively short-lived, left an indelible mark on the club’s recent history. During his 76 games in charge, Tottenham managed to secure an average of 1.78 points per game. This included 41 victories and 23 defeats, showcasing both the highs and lows experienced under his leadership.

While the decision to part ways with Conte may have been controversial, it was undoubtedly a pivotal moment for Tottenham. It forced the club to reassess its direction and priorities, ultimately shaping its future trajectory. Despite any lingering tensions, Conte acknowledges the significance of his time at Tottenham and cherishes the experience, holding it close to his heart. Here is what he had to say in a recent interview with The Telegraph [subscription required].

“At that moment, my feeling was that,”

“If I tell something, it means there is always something true. No, honestly, I don’t regret anything about this. But I have good feelings about Tottenham. I keep this experience in my heart.”

Undoubtedly, the highlight of Antonio Conte's tenure at Tottenham.
Undoubtedly, the biggest highlight of Antonio Conte’s tenure at Tottenham.

As Tottenham continue their quest for success, the lessons learned from the Conte era serve as valuable insights into the complexities of managing a top-tier football club. While his departure may have been met with mixed reactions, it undoubtedly marked a significant chapter in Tottenham’s ongoing journey.

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With the right leadership, determination, and ambition, Tottenham have the potential to overcome any challenges that lie ahead. As they embark on the next phase of their journey with Ange Postecoglou at the helm, they must draw upon the lessons learned from the Conte era, using them to propel the club forward towards a brighter and more successful future.

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