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Tottenham star ‘very angry’ with himself after missing big chance vs Wolves

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Spurs star Dejan Kulusevski ‘very angry’ with himself after missing big chance vs Wolves

The frustration of Dejan Kulusevski was palpable following Tottenham’s disappointing 2-1 defeat to Wolves, as he expressed his anger at missing crucial chances during the game. Despite his brilliant equalizing goal shortly after halftime, the Swedish forward rued his missed opportunities and acknowledged his disappointment with his finishing.

Tottenham, under the management of Ange Postecoglou, dominated possession for large portions of the match but struggled to break down a resilient Wolves defence. Despite their efforts, they were unable to capitalize on their possession and create clear-cut opportunities to trouble the Wolves goalkeeper.

Kulusevski’s goal provided a brief moment of hope for Spurs fans, showcasing his quality with a clinical finish from a difficult angle. However, the Swede stood frustrated by his inability to convert additional chances that came his way throughout the game. Reflecting on the missed opportunities, Kulusevski admitted his disappointment and highlighted his determination to improve in future matches.

Tottenham star Dejan Kulusevski.
Tottenham star Dejan Kulusevski.

Even though he scored Tottenham’s only goal, there was a sense of frustration in him that he could not capitalise on his other chances and here is what he told Spurs Play:

“It was one good moment [for the goal] but I’m very sad, actually I’m very angry because I had two more chances that were very close that I could score but that’s life.”

Frustrations Frustrations

The defeat to Wolves highlighted Tottenham’s need for greater efficiency in front of goal and emphasized the importance of converting scoring opportunities when they arise. As Spurs continue their campaign under Postecoglou, addressing their shortcomings in attack will be a key focus for the team.

Moving forward, Tottenham will look to learn from their defeat and channel their frustration into positive energy on the pitch. With Kulusevski’s talent and determination, along with the guidance of Postecoglou, Spurs remain committed to achieving their goals and competing at the highest level in the Premier League.

Despite the disappointment of the defeat, Kulusevski’s willingness to take responsibility for his performance and his determination to improve bodes well for Tottenham’s future. As the team continues to adapt to Postecoglou’s tactical approach, players like Deki will play a crucial role in driving the team forward and overcoming challenges along the way.

Frustrating night for Tottenham against Wolves but we shall bounce back.
Frustrating night for Tottenham against Wolves but we shall bounce back.

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Instead of looking to force results, it is important that Spurs win organically and ensure that the habit of winning imbibes into the club’s culture. Not that we were at our best against Wolves, but there shall come many other opportunities as the season goes on. COYS!

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