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Tottenham’s Son Heung-min breaks silence on South Korea feud with Lee Kang-in

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Tottenham star Heung-min Son’s Instagram post puts an end to the rumours around the ‘table tennis’ incident

Tottenham Hotspur and South Korean National team captain Heung-min Son breaks his silence over the ‘ping-pong‘ incident via his Instagram post. The story was shared by the South Korean media outlet Koreaboo. With this, numerous speculations and rumours around the incident between Son and Kang-in Lee have come to an end.

The Tottenham skipper posted a picture of him and the PSG player with a lengthy caption in Korean. He said:

“Hello, this is Son Heung Min. Today, I would like to talk about a heavy subject. Kang In has been sincerely reflecting on his actions and has apologized to me and all of the players in the national team. When I was young, I also made mistakes, but at the time, I had good Sunbaenims (seniors) who gave me strict lessons that allowed me to become the player I am today.”

The Spurs forward went on to add how he, along with the other senior players, would be glad to help Kang-in Lee grow as a player and a person to ensure such incidents don’t repeat.

Son’s humility was clear through the post when he apologized for his actions but also emphasized that he would not hesitate to act the same way for the betterment of the team should such an incident arise.

The heart of the matter

The world was shocked to see the South Korean captain with a bandage on his fingers during the Asian Cup semifinal appearance against Jordan. The underdogs upset the favourites by winning and earning a berth in the finals. Right after the face-off, the news about the ‘dinner table fight’ broke out.

Many criticized the team’s discipline ahead of a crucial picture. Apparently, Kang-in Lee and a few other youngsters left the customary team dinner to play ping-pong. This did not sit well with the team’s captain Heung-min Son, who confronted the PSG player by grabbing the latter’s collar.

Lee Kang-in threw a dist in retaliation, ending up in broken fingers for Son. The duo’s teammates rushed in to break the altercation. The incident garnered a lot of media attention.

Tottenham star Heung-min Son's Instagram post puts an end to the rumours around the 'table tennis' incident.
The dressing room ‘fight’ between Son and Lee Kang-in ended up badly for the Tottenham captain.

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However, Son’s Instagram post puts an end to the infamous incident within the South Korean dressing room. The post also shows Son’s maturity as a senior player and a responsible captain.

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