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Tottenham Hotspur star says it is ‘important’ for team to secure UEFA Champions League Qualifications

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Tottenham star Guglielmo Vicario talks about the hope for the season after winning Goalkeeper of the Year

After Hugo Lloris departed from Tottenham, Ange Postecoglou showed courage by taking on Guglielmo Vicario as the goalkeeper. The young star has made massive strides in his debut season. Such success is seldom achieved by someone so early on in their career. Vicario has recently been in talks with ESPN about his season and what he hopes for next for the club.

Vicario, a bold choice for the club

It was interesting to see Postecoglou take such a big risk with his goalkeeper, though. While Spurs’ initial interest had been in David Raya, they finally settled on the freshman. Vicario has proven that his potential remained untapped while playing for Empoli but Tottenham has really brought him into his own. His gameplay has been incredible over the season. He has been composed and has prevented so many goals.

Despite limited experience, Vicario has become an asset to Spurs. He also trained under legend Hugo Lloris from which he got many takeaways and is a time he remembers fondly. His scoring has also been influenced by other Italian greats and of course, by the support of Postecoglou.

Guglielmo Vicario has proven to be an asset for Tottenham this season.
Guglielmo Vicario has proven to be an asset for Tottenham this season.

Vicario’s most radical success came with winning the ‘Goalkeeper of the Year’ Award at the London Football Awards recently. Vicario is a risk taker. This is something he speaks of often while mentioning the sport. His out-of-the-box thinking has also been juxtaposed with the dawn of a new era in football, something he seems to be excited about.

What next for Tottenham?

As the UEFA Champions League approaches, Vicario has been clear that the team needs to qualify. He has never played in a European Premier competition before. It becomes relevant to note that Tottenham are in battle with Aston Villa to secure Champions League football next season. Vicario’s direct competition with Emi Martinez and Liverpool’s Alisson has also added fuel to the fire of ambition.

Speaking about the situation, as quoted by ESPN, here is what Vicario had to say about

“It is important for everyone, trying to go in the Champions League. Of course it is one of our goals to try to achieve. We know it is hard because we have to face sides every week in the Premier League and it is tough against everyone. I don’t think we have to overthink about the end, just focusing on trying to do our best game by game. Our aim at the moment is to try to win the next game, if you work to win the next game you can maybe think at the end of the season about where you are”

While there is talk about five teams qualifying this season, if the traditional four-teams format continues as a consequence of England missing out on the extra spot, Aston Villa will likely qualify instead of Spurs given their five-point lead currently. Vicario believes that it is one of the best football competitions in the world and it is his dream to play in the league.

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While it is hard to determine what will happen next, it seems likely that Tottenham’s one-step-at-a-time strategy might bear fruit because of how passionate Vicario is for his team. His future at Tottenham seems bright and let’s hope he can continue for a long time.

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