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James Maddison reveals the one area he thought Tottenham lacked in; says he always felt he could help in that regard

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Maddison says he gave Tottenham what they needed the most — The ‘good arrogance’

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder James Maddison says he likes being an influential figure in the dressing room while talking on Sky Sports Premier League’s YouTube channel. The former Leicester man was asked about his role within the Spurs dressing room.

Maddison responded by revealing his happiness of being the senior figure and the ‘chest out’ personality, something he felt was lacking at the club from the outside. Quoting the Tottenham midfield ace here:

“I kind of like that responsibility (of being the senior player), you know? I felt I could really help the dressing room here at (Tottenham) by being the personality that I am. I thought that maybe it probably lacked a little bit of that from the outside, just a bit of that chest-out attitude that could probably help.”

James Maddison arrived in north London ahead of the ongoing campaign and was quickly appointed as the vice-captain by Ange Postecoglou. Maddison’s leadership ability is evident from what he shared.

The worthy leader

Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris’s sudden exit passed on the mantle of responsibility of leadership to Heung-min Son. The South Korean international is doing a fine job as expected on the performance and captaincy fronts.

However, the lack of sufficient senior figures at the club urged Ange to turn to his newcomer, James Maddison, to take up the responsibility of aiding Son. Maddison was appointed the vice-captain alongside Cristian Romero.

The Tottenham number 10 kickstarted his life at his new home with a bang. He collected three goals and six assists from nine games, before getting injured in his 10th match of the season. Maddison’s absence gravely hurt Tottenham. The club started losing their form and points.

James Maddison shares the vice-captain's role with Cuti Romero.
James Maddison shares the vice-captain’s role with Cuti Romero

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Maddison marked his return more than two months later and picked up his form gradually. The midfield maestro now remains one of the most crucial players on the pitch and in the dressing room for Ange Postecoglou.

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