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“Makes you want to make them proud”- Tottenham star explains role of wife in successful football career

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Tottenham star Ben Davies reveals his wife’s positive impact on his career

Tottenham Hotspur star Ben Davies in a recent candid interview has shed light on his multifaceted personality, delving into various aspects of his life beyond football. His willingness to discuss vulnerabilities and future plans demonstrates a level of introspection not often seen in professional athletes. Davies’ approach to planning for life after retirement, including his academic pursuits and family life, reflects a maturity and foresight that sets him apart from his peers in the footballing world.

As a seasoned veteran for both Tottenham Hotspur and the Welsh national team, Davies has earned the respect of coaches across different eras, from Mauricio Pochettino to Ange Postecoglou. His versatility on the pitch and dedication to his craft have made him a valuable asset to every team he’s been a part of. Despite his academic interests and preparations for the future, Davies remains fully committed to his footballing career, showcasing his ability to balance both personal and professional aspirations seamlessly.

At 30 years old, Davies continues to shine as a star player for Tottenham and Wales, embodying resilience, determination, and a depth of character that extends beyond the confines of the football pitch. His unique blend of athleticism, intellect, and emotional intelligence make him a truly remarkable individual, admired by fans and teammates alike for his contributions both on and off the field.

Tottenham star Ben Davies reveals his wife's positive impact on his career.
Tottenham defender Ben Davies opens up about his wife’s role in his success.

Conflating the personal and professional.

Davies’ dedication to self-improvement extends beyond the football pitch, permeating every aspect of his life. Despite his demanding schedule, he devotes himself wholeheartedly to fatherhood, cherishing the joy it brings while embracing the inevitable challenges with good humour and resilience. Becoming a father last summer has undoubtedly enriched his life, adding a new dimension of love, responsibility, and fulfilment.

Even amidst the relentless demands of professional football and his commitment to continual growth, Davies prioritizes his role as a father, relishing precious moments with his son alongside his wife, Emily. He has heaped praise on her for stepping up to the plate as a mother and the responsibilities that go with it.

Tottenham star Ben Davies reveals his wife's positive impact on his career.

Speaking on a podcast interview on the Gab and Jul meet (h/t Football.london), here is what he had to say

He even speaks to his wife in context to his son, saying:

“My wife was amazing and she’s an incredible mum with him. It’s one of the best things in life and ultimately it makes you want ot make them proud and every time I can, every time after training I love to spend time with him and the family. You realise that family is the most important things in life.”

His acknowledgement of his wife’s support and the profound joy he derives from fatherhood underscores the importance of family in his life. By expressing his desire to make his family proud and prioritizing quality time with them whenever possible, Davies hopes to use it as a driving factor to lead Spurs to glory.

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Davies’s recognition of family as “the most important thing in life” reflects a mature perspective and highlights his values of love, unity, and responsibility. This sentiment resonates with readers on a personal level, as many can relate to the profound impact that family has on their own lives and priorities.

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