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Ange Postecoglou on Tottenham star copying his team talk on international duty: “It’s okay if they win”

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Tottenham boss Ange Postecoglou talks about Dejan Kulusevski and his pep talk in the Sweden camp

Before the Premier League match against Luton on Saturday, Ange Postecoglou spoke to reporters. There was conversation about everything Tottenham. This became interesting because the press conference was an important one for the club after the defeat against Fulham.

The coach was very animated when speaking of his team players. His good relationship with all of them shone through because of how well he knew all the things they were doing. Moreover, one could see why the players loved him so much when they saw him talk about them. It is no secret that players need a coach who not only understands but encourages them, which is exactly what Postecoglou seems to be doing.

Tottenham boss Ange Postecoglou in consideration to replace Erik ten Hag at Manchester United.
Tottenham boss Ange Postecoglou spoke to reporters in a press conference ahead of the match against Luton Town.

Postecoglou on Kulusevski’s plagiarised motivational speech:

It is very evident that Dejan Kulusevski is extremely inspired by Postecoglou. How he handles the Tottenham Hotspurs team and his strategies have received plaudits. He has often gone on record to talk of how well he thinks Ange handles the players, what a nice relationship they have with him and how the team has seen a true resurgence after he was appointed for Spurs.

In the same spirit, Tottenham recently admitted that while he was away for the national game for the Swedish team, he was asked to give a pep talk. Since he did not know what to say, but wanted to say something nonetheless, he took a page out of Postecoglou’s book and gave Sweden a speech that closely resembled one that Ange had given Tottenham.

Dejan Kulusevki is a great talent according to Conte. (Credit: Tottenham Hotspur Twitter official)
Dejan Kulusevki is very inspired by Postecoglou and really admires him as a coach. (Credit: Tottenham Hotspur Twitter official)

The speech seemed to work because Sweden finished with a smashing victory in that particular game. Ange Postecoglou then broke his silence about this confession from Kulusevski, saying that it was okay to use his words as long as the team won. He also felt very honoured.

It is indeed a moment of pride to see your words have such an impact on your team. The same is true for Ange Postecoglou. He addressed Dejan’s words by saying (h/t Football. London):

It’s okay if they win. I wouldn’t be happy if he was using my words and they didn’t win. You kind of hope – it is not always the case – that when you talk, people listen. You hope you can make an impact, not just from a football perspective but from a life perspective. Sometimes they listen, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes there is probably a valid reason why they don’t listen because I can talk some garbage myself. If they can take away stuff that is positive, that’s great for me but more importantly shows me at least I am getting their attention most of the time.

Ange Postecoglou on Dejan Kulusevski

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We thus see that Ange Postecoglou has nothing to worry about when it comes to Spurs. The players are all obviously skilled. This is evident by their previous wins and their national performance. Moreover, they have full faith in their coach and his strategies, and they listen to him intently.

One hopes that Tottenham will perform better after the Fulham match against Luton and then, West Ham. The team has performed exceptionally under Postecoglou’s leadership before and a similar streak must continue now.

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