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Stats show key aspect in which Tottenham Hotspur are leading the other Premier teams this season

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Tottenham lead Premier League clubs in interesting assists metric

Statistics have come to light recently which show why Tottenham Hotspur’s wins might not be mere luck. The team played phenomenally against Luton Town on Saturday. While that was a pleasant surprise after the Fulham defeat, Tottenham has been playing astonishingly well in the recent past.

A reason for this might be the fact that Tottenham has more team spirit than any other club. The camaraderie in the team has been getting a lot of attention. Most of the players are close and only have nice things to say about each other’s gameplay. There seems to be an established rhythm when the team plays.

This has also, obviously impacted how the players seem to play. On the field, when there is an obvious need to prove oneself, it is important to remember team spirit. Tottenham is a team that has one-upped that and doesn’t let their victories deviate them from their ultimate goal, which is a win for the club.

What the statistics say:

The statistics have shown that Tottenham is the only team that has four players with 7+ assists on the team. This is a key aspect that the club seems to be leading in since no other team has more than two players with 7+ assists. The diversity of Spurs’ attacking creativity is something to build on, which is what these numbers show.

Fans have been joking saying that they “demand more assists” which is funny because Tottenham is the only club with four players. Son Heung-min, James Maddison, Pedro Porro and Brennan Johnson make up the players who have seven or more assists in matches which goes on to prove that Tottenham plays like a team should.

Tottenham is displaying team gameplay unlike any other team in the league (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

This is obvious proof of the fact that Tottenham has an ensemble team and that no player is shining more than the other. With stellar teammates and a great coach, Tottenham might be inching close to a Premier League win unlike any seen before. They already have one record under their belt and seeing another would not be an unlikely outcome.

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There is obvious hope attached to Tottenham now. They no doubt have a united front even when the general consensus was that the team would be doing badly without Harry Kane. It is safe to say that the anti-thesis is happening and the four players are just as good as finishers as they are with their assists.

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