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Ange Postecoglou has hit back at Eric Dier over ‘lack of tactical work’ claims

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Eric Dier throws shade at the old club claims Tottenham under Postecoglou lack tactical work

Tottenham Hotspur have progressed massively under Ange Postecoglou; however, Bayern Munich defender Eric Dier babbled last week about his feeling that the club didn’t focus enough on tactical work under the Greek-Australian boss. 

Eric Dier was shown the door in January as he walked on Harry Kane’s path to Bayern Munich after making only four appearances for the Lilywhites this season. He joined on an initial loan deal before the German giants converted it into a permanent move in March when he met the threshold for the number of appearances mentioned in his contract.

Last week, Dier compared the tactical work under former Spurs boss Antonio Conte with Ange Postecoglou and claimed that it was easy to understand the tactical sequences under the former. 

“Interestingly, he really doesn’t do any tactical work (in training). What he does is draw up every single training drill from Monday to Friday to represent the way that he wants to play. Conte, I could do it blind, but that was a lot of tactical work Monday to Friday, a lot of ten versus zero walkthroughs. You were so well drilled, it would be engrained in you”

said the former Tottenham defender speaking to Manchester United icon Gary Neville on The Overlap.

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Postecoglou rejects Dier’s claims: “Everything we do is tactical work”.

Now, Ange Postecoglou has come to a strong defence of his training techniques, insisting that the 30-year-old was wide of the mark with his comments and that the club does a systematic job in preparing tactically to face opponents. 

The Tottenham boss said when he was asked about Dier’s comments (via. SkySports):

“It’s probably something you’d have to ask Eric; I don’t know what you mean by tactical work. Everything we do is geared toward how we are going to play our football, so for me, by extension, it is tactical work.”

“Whether that’s on us or whether it’s on the opposition, In fact, I would probably say we don’t do anything apart from tactical work.”

“That’s all we do every day. If we’re working on our fitness, we’re still trying to play football.”

“But I haven’t seen the interview, so I’m not sure what he’s referencing. If you’re talking about whether we do training where we’re standing around and working on how we’re going to stop an opposition, how we’re going to break down, no, we don’t do that.”

“But I don’t think that’s the only kind of tactical work that exists. I think anyone who trains with us will tell you that all we do is train the way we play. Maybe that’s not tactical work; I don’t know!”

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Tottenham has done a brilliant job under the former Celtic man, and the club has progressed impeccably since he took over the reins in the summer. Nevertheless, Ange should focus on the process and project rather than getting drawn into these battles of words. 

The club is targeting a top-four finish, and that’s more of a priority right now than what Eric Dier has to say.

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