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Napoli keen to take struggling Tottenham star back to Italy

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Napoli show interest in Tottenham centre-back Radu Dragusin

Napoli’s got their sights set on Tottenham’s Radu Dragusin. It seems like the Italian outfit had their eye on the Romanian defender even before he moved to Spurs in the January window, and now they’re sniffing around again.

The thing is, Spurs are not too keen on letting Dragusin go just yet. That is as per The Sun. They reckon he’s worth a pretty penny, and they’d be asking as much as £40m for him. But it’s not all about the cash – Dragusin himself is feeling a bit twitchy about his future at Spurs. Napoli’s looking pretty tempting right now, mainly because they can offer him some proper first-team action.

Since he rocked up at Tottenham in January, Dragusin’s had a bit of a tough time getting on the pitch. He’s only clocked up 244 minutes across seven appearances, with the likes of Mickey van de Ven and Cristian Romero starting ahead of him. Not exactly the dream start he was hoping for, no?

Napoli show interest in Tottenham centre-back Radu Dragusin.
Napoli show interest in Tottenham centre-back Radu Dragusin.

Slow but steady, Radu!

Now, his agent, Florin Manea, ain’t too chuffed about it. He’s been having a pop at Spurs boss Ange Postecoglou, saying Dragusin could be the answer to their defensive woes. Manea’s even dropped some hints that Dragusin might start looking for a new gig if things don’t pick up soon.

But hold up a second – let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Dragusin’s still just 22, and he’s got plenty of time ahead of him. Sure, the Premier League isn’t a walk in the park, especially for a young lad finding his feet. But let’s give the guy a chance to settle in, Manea?

And let’s not forget, Dragusin’s hardly the first player to take a bit of time to find his groove in a new league. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say. It’s all about patience and perseverance. Now, as for his agent’s comments about Dragusin’s future – well, they’re not exactly helpful. The last thing a player needs is to have his head turned by all this talk about transfers and whatnot. It’s bound to mess with his head and affect his performance on the pitch.

Napoli show interest in Tottenham centre-back Radu Dragusin.
Show some patience, Radu!

Instead of getting caught up in all the speculation, Dragusin and his crew need to knuckle down and focus on what’s important – his development as a player. Whether that’s at Tottenham or somewhere else, the priority should be getting him the game time he needs to grow and improve.

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Look, there’s no denying Dragusin’s got talent. He wouldn’t have caught Napoli’s eye if he didn’t. But rushing into a move just ’cause things are not going his way at Spurs is far from the answer. He needs to stay patient, keep working hard, and wait for his chance to shine.

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