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Former Tottenham midfielder suggests Spurs target would be ideal for Arsenal

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Spurs and Arsenal eye Newcastle star striker Alexander Isak

Tottenham Hotspur are looking to prioritize signing a striker in the upcoming summer transfer window, with Newcastle United ace Alexander Isak being one of many centre-forwards linked with a Spurs move.

Tottenham aren’t the only club in North London looking for a striker, as Arsenal are also keen on signing a number nine this summer. As the market for marquee strikers isn’t too steep, the targets for both clubs overlap, and the Swedish international is one of those players targeted by both clubs.

Brown backs Isak for Arsenal but can they afford him?

Who will land coveted striker Alexander Isak? (Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images) (Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images)

Former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Michael Brown is of the opinion that Isak would be an ideal fit for the Reds from North London. He goes on to make a list of things that Isak brings to the table and how that would suit Mikel Arteta’s style of play.

Speaking to BBC Radio Five Live about the prospects of the Gunners signing a new striker, Brown said:

“I just look at Isak, and I just think the range of finishing that he has got in a better team, the way he glides across the pitch, the way he can just open that body and finish into that far post, I think he is getting better and better. 

Alexander Isak is an integral part of Newcastle United's project. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)
Alexander Isak is an integral part of Newcastle United’s project. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

He continued: “I just think he would be another option. I don’t think it’s crying out for me that Arsenal are in a desperate position to go and say we have to have a number nine because I think they are scoring so many goals anyway. I think the strengths are there, and they will try and tweak them somewhere.

“But I wonder whether they can go again and get a huge signing, a marquee signing when they have spent what they have already.”

Isak is one of the players that would come with hefty transfer fees and wage bills, which makes it difficult for a team like Spurs to pursue his services as of now. While for Arsenal, they have done a wonderful job of maintaining their wage structure, and it is difficult to see them getting overboard for Isak’s services.

Moreover, Arsenal also have an Isak-esque player of their own budding in the academy in Chido Obi, and they would rather wait a couple of years than make a crazy money move for Isak.

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However, we should see who Arsenal and Tottenham pursue the centre-forward role in the summer.

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