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Destiny Udogie: The bright future for Tottenham 

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New defender Udogie seems to represent a team that looks much happier under Ange Postekoglou.

Something here felt a little different. Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium was a pleasantly warm place at the kick-off whistle for the first home game. “Welcome to N17” was a huge banner in the South Stand. The general atmosphere has changed a lot and this is reflected on the field.

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Destiny Udogie – as the personification of the team

Interestingly, one of the best players at the end of the match was a 20-year-old newcomer, who played his only second match for the team. We are talking about the defender Destiny Udogie.

In this match, he managed to try and demonstrate everything: dribbling, tackles, interceptions, and also, completing 90% of his passes. Udogie was active throughout the game and put pressure on the opponent.

He was located slightly above the nominal position, and sometimes moved to the other half for long stretches to increase team pressure. At one point, he could be seen doing feints with the ball in the Manchester United penalty area.

Moments later he was cautioned for picking up the ball and running towards Michael Oliver in the style of William Webb Ellis spontaneously inventing the game of rugby, but that can be forgiven.

Virtually all of the Spurs’ best moments in the first half included some form of Udogie’s input, from a good link with Son Heung-min to ripping light runs deep into the field.

Obviously, he will become a favorite here. A left-back who is absolutely not afraid. Permitted to move forward, with positional cunning and a constantly humming motor to correct his own absences when the ball passes to an opponent.

Postecoglu has already changed the team a lot

It is much easier for a cornerback to play an active role in a team that holds the ball. In Spurs, Udogie will constantly have to take risks at some point, assess the level of danger.

But this is characteristic of Postekoglu’s world. Destiny got freedom of choice. If he can establish himself, he will really bring a lot of pleasure to the fans. It will also help to create that unique style that will help distinguish this team from what Tottenham have been over the past seasons.

The Spurs have a lot of left-backs, but not many quality left-backs. Udogie became number one, with the hope, probably as part of Ange’s style, that he would be given time to blossom.

The Spurs became more and more reliable as the match progressed. Their first goal was a bit of an accidental error from Lysandro Martinez. But don’t ignore Pape Sarr’s remarkable run as he rushed from his own half to striking position to effectively score with his left foot. Sarr is only 20 years old. It was a great moment in his young career.

Moments later, Udogie almost added a second goal, breaking through the inside of the left flank and trying to push the ball under Andre Onan, but the goalkeeper saved the team. He left the field in the 69th minute and received a standing ovation from the home supporters.

Ben Davis entered the game as a more defensive option, another plus for a manager who senses the flow of the game in this league and reaches out on the field to intervene.

So far, Postecoglou’s underlying appeal has been something of a revelation for the Premier League. How strange that such a simple human quality can seem so unfamiliar. Who knew people in football could be attractive without being edgy or hostile? How can he allow himself to be a good guy?

The broader question is, what exactly is the right degree of expectation here? What is a club capable of, which frankly failed for several seasons in a row and lost its leader?

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