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Tottenham boss Ange Postecoglou asked his preference in Australia vs South Korea Asian Cup clash

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Tottenham boss revealed who he was rooting for during Australia and South Korea Asian Cup Clash

Tottenham Hotspur boss Ange Postecoglou must’ve had a tough time deciding who to root for during Australia and South Korea’s Asian Cup clash. On one hand, there is the country from down under that is also home to the Greek-Australian coach. On the other, there is South Korea, which is home to his team’s skipper, Son Heung-min.

Postecoglou must’ve had to make the tough choice of choosing between rooting for his best player and rooting against his best player. The 31-year-old South Korean star has been pivotal to the Spurs’ campaign so far. In 21 appearances Son has scored 12 goals while also recording five assists for the team.

While everyone expected the Lilywhites to completely collapse after the departure of Harry Kane, the genius of Postecoglou and the impact of Son Heung-Min has helped the team stay afloat during trying times.

Here’s what Postecoglou had to say about his decision before the game. (h\t Football.London)

“Obviously being Australian I’d love for them to get through then we’d get Sonny back, but part of me would love Sonny to win an Asian Cup”

Earlier in January when Son left the team, Postecoglou joked that he would like Son to quickly exit the Asian Cup and come back to Tottenham. However, when the South Korean star was gearing up to play one of the biggest games of his career, his coach fully had his back.

Postecoglou even went on to say that he would like to see his team’s skipper go the full way. The Greek-Australian coach will not mind if the 31-year-old misses a couple more games as long as he gets to win some glory for his country and himself.

Son Heung-min cites Harry Kane example to send message to Tottenham teammates ahead of Asian Cup duty
Son Heung-min is through to the semi-finals of the Asian Cup.

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Postecoglou’s support must’ve gone a long way because it was Son Heung-min himself who scored a winner in the 104th minute to beat Australia during the quarter-finals of the Asian Cup.

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