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Harry Kane puts aside Tottenham allegiance, says he ‘can’t focus’ on doing them UCL favour with Bayern

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Bayern Munich star Harry Kane responds to Tottenham UCL question

Harry Kane finds himself in a situation where Bayern Munich’s Champions League progress could potentially affect Tottenham Hotspur’s qualification hopes for the same competition next season. The England captain, who left Spurs last summer to join Bayern, acknowledges the delicate balance of the situation.

Bayern’s disappointing season has left them relying on the Champions League as their last chance for silverware. However, if they advance after beating Arsenal and Bayer Leverkusen eliminate West Ham from the Europa League, Germany could overtake England in the UEFA co-efficiency rankings, securing an additional Champions League spot for the Bundesliga.

Currently, Tottenham sit fifth in the Premier League standings, in a position to qualify for the Champions League. But if Germany gains that extra spot, Spurs could miss out on Europe’s premier club competition next season assuming they stay in the same position as now at the end of the campaign.

Bayern Munich star Harry Kane responds to Tottenham UCL question,
Bayern Munich star Harry Kane responds to Tottenham UCL question.

When asked about this potential scenario in the press conference ahead of his UCL game against Arsenal, Kane found it challenging to provide a straightforward answer. Here is what he had to say via The Mirror:

“I don’t really know how to answer that! What will be, will be. I can’t control other things outside of that.”

“Of course, I know there will be a lot of Spurs fans watching hoping Bayern Munich go through tomorrow night. I can’t focus on that. All I can do is try and beat the team in front of us, and that’s Arsenal.”

King Kane!

Kane’s focus remains unwaveringly on Bayern’s objectives. His commitment to helping his team win is paramount, and he understands that anything beyond that is beyond his control. As a seasoned professional, he knows that his primary responsibility is to give his best on the pitch, irrespective of the wider implications.

While Tottenham holds a special place in Kane’s heart, his allegiance now lies with Bayern Munich. He is fully invested in the team’s goals, as he should be, and will do everything in his power to contribute to their success. It’s a testament to Kane’s professionalism that he can organise his emotions and concentrate on the task at hand, regardless of the external factors at play.

In an ideal world, both Bayern and Tottenham would achieve their respective goals without impinging on each other’s aspirations. However, football is rarely that straightforward. Unexpected twists and turns are part and parcel of the game, adding layers of complexity to seemingly straightforward scenarios.

Harry Kane was inches away from UCL triumph in 2019.
Harry Kane was inches away from UCL glory with Tottenham in 2019.

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While the implications of Bayern’s Champions League campaign on Tottenham’s aspirations are beyond his control, Kane remains focused on his immediate responsibilities. His actions on the pitch will play a pivotal role in determining both Bayern’s and Tottenham’s trajectories, and Kane is committed to giving his best, come what may.

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