[Photos] Latest images of Tottenham’s £850m new stadium are brilliant but it won’t be ready for start of 2018/19 season

Football.London have been closely following the development of Tottenham’s new stadium and with just five months to go for the new 2018/19 season to start, excitement is at its peak. As per the aforementioned source, the Tottenham hierarchy would be asking the football association the permission to play their opening Premier League games away from home, just as … Read more

[Photos] Tottenham release latest images of £850m new stadium and they’re stunning as always

The season end is just a few months away now and with Tottenham doing extremely well, in Europe and in the Premier League, there are high hopes of the team ending this campaign with a trophy and that could be sweetened by how well the construction of our new stadium is going. We all have … Read more

(Images) Latest photos of Tottenham’s stadium after work resumed from Christmas and New Year breaks

Tottenham’s hierarchy certainly knows how to keep their fans at the edge of their seats and the fact that they keep them updated about every single upgrade of their new stadium is the perfect specimen. From releasing some breathtaking time-lapse to uploading footages of the installation of the first seats at the stadium, Tottenham have simply … Read more

Tottenham’s new stadium boosted by a new £1bn deal and fans could have better transport links

Tottenham have been sharing regular updates about the progress of our new stadium and they are back, once again, with more information about what is currently going on. Last time we saw the developers moving on to the next stage of the build – erecting the giant 600-tonne roof that will cover the 61,000 capacity arena. … Read more

(Video) The First Seats Have Been Installed In Tottenham’s New Stadium – All You Need To Know

Tottenham have been sharing regular updates about the progress of our new stadium and they are back, once again, with more information about what is currently going on. We had earlier shared a video about the progress done over the past two months and the latest video focuses on the seats that are being used … Read more

(Video) Brilliant Time Lapse Video Displays Progress Of The £800m Tottenham Stadium

Tottenham might be looking to get back on track as the club looks to, at least, repeat their performance from last season and finish second. While we have had a few hiccups in the Premier League, our Champions League performances have been going well and one major talking point has been the construction of our … Read more

(Video) Latest Updates On The Stadium Work Will Keep You Happy After The Recent Lows

Tottenham fans had a very disappointing week, to say the least. Not that I expected our side to defeat the all-conquering Manchester City. But, I wanted to see a proper fight put up by the side. The 4-1 scoreline is not just an apt indicator of how good Manchester City are at the moment, it … Read more

Tottenham Fans Can Breathe A Sign Of Relief As Club Confirms New Stadium Is Build Right On Schedule

Tottenham Hotspur have moved fast to allay fears about the construction schedule of their new stadium to confirm that it is on schedule to open next season. According to the latest reports from Football.London, it is being suggested that the new ground is rising rapidly in North London and although there are plenty of rumours … Read more

‘Marvelous’, ‘stunning in fact’ Spurs Fans Rave Following The Latest Video Released By The Club

What’s your take on Tottenham’s new stadium? Isn’t it one of the masterpieces? I get goosebumps every time I look at the progress, just imagining how it would look when the entire stadium takes shape! The club has, all the while through the construction, made sure that the fans have received the details, by releasing … Read more

(Image) Tottenham Release Photo Of The New Stadium And It Raises Expectations Of Something Spectacular

What is it that keeps you interested in the latest developments of the new stadium? That may be different for different fans but for me, the excitement of seeing something world-class being built from the scratch is an exciting journey. Starting from the time the old White Hart Lane played its last game until the … Read more